We started the foundation in 2010 after reading Dr. Ann McKee’s paper linking ALS and CTE. We wanted to fight to stop ALS, but if it was, in fact, connected to CTE and repeated concussions, then we felt we had a duty to warn and hopefully prevent the devastation of this disease for someone else.


Our Mission

KTF is working to raise awareness to the seriousness of brain trauma in athletes, at every level of competition, and its connection to ALS. KTF also financially supports efforts to study, treat, prevent and ultimately cure this disease.

I ask for your commitment to help raise awareness and show support for my friend, former teammate, and a man I admire, Kevin Turner. Kevin has been battling ALS with courage, strength and a will to fight, just as he did on the football field at Alabama, New England and Philadelphia.
— Mark McMillian, National Champion University of Alabama & NFL "All Madden" Defensive Back